Block Paving

Block paving is probably the most popular choice for driveways and garden patios . Laid properly with a quality sub base it will not sink, crack or have anything grow through it. Block paved patios look great for generations. Block paving is very versatile and can be used just about anywhere. It’s great on drives, paths and patios, with a huge range of colours and laying patterns to suit your property style.

You should consider the colour of your driveway as it needs to blend in with your house and the rest of the area around your property. Choosing a colour scheme is important and the easiest way is to think about your property and it’s surroundings so look to combine a few colours that will complement each other.

To add the finishing touches to your driveway or patio area there is a wide choice of edgings, kerbing, drainage systems and recessed man-hole covers.

Laying Patterns

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